The Washington Secretaries History Project   
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Lillian Cox, Journalist & Founder

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Inside the White House in War Times: Memoirs and Reports of Lincoln's Secretary,
by William O. Stoddard, Michael Burlingame (Editor), 1890 &2000

Washington Goes to War, by David Brinkley, 1999
Lillian Cox Interview, "The Washington Secretaries History Project,"
Host Gayle Falkenthal, KCBQ-AM Radio, 1170, San Diego, April 23, 2009

The Computer History Museum,

The Early Office Museum,

The National Women's History Museum,

Lillian Cox Website,
60th Anniversary
National Administrative Professionals Day
April 25, 2012

The Washington Secretaries History Project was established in 2009 for
the purpose of collecting and preserving stories about the experiences of secretaries,
today known as administrative professionals, serving in politics and government in the
nation's capital.

Also called clerks, girl Fridays, even typewriter jockeys, they  discharged their duties
in the midst of war, depression, scandal and prejudice -- all the time keeping pace
with rapidly changing office technologies.

Currently, first-hand accounts as well as anecdotes from family members and friends
are sought for a history project to honor the contributions of these workers. Photographs
and news clips are also welcomed.

The ultimate goal of this endeavor is to build an archive that could eventually be used
for a book(s), possibly a documentary or museum exhibit that pays tribute to these
professionals -- those who have gone before, and those who continue to serve our
country today.

To view a sampling of anecdotes that have already been collected, visit the project blog

As background, Lillian Cox is a journalist and former White House secretary.
For more information, including about contributing to the project, email